Using the Latest Technology

From CCTV, to alarms, safes, window shutters and EAS tagging

Lodge Service can support your retail and logistics operations with a wide range of technological solutions aimed at keeping 21st Century tech at the heart of our service offering.

Utilising the expertise, experience and resource of ‘Guardhall’, our Group cctv and alarm installation provider, coupled with a national network of trusted suppliers and installers, the Lodge Technical Division are able to provide a comprehensive, competitively priced package of solutions to meet all your needs.

Health & Safety at Work

Providing support for your Health & Safety at Work

Our extensive network of experienced trusted suppliers are also available to provide support to your Health & Safety at Work remit.

Our services include Fire Risk Assessments, Fire extinguisher supply and servicing, Fire alarm installation, maintenance and service and Emergency lighting installation and servicing. 

Video 1st data mining, Loss Prevention & Risk Management

Data mining at the Point of Sale and Point of Risk

Our data mining solutions allows the most efficient hardware and software smart combinations to maximise RISK management needs efficiently, ensuring the 1% of video required for observation is provided by exception.

Combining this smart software with security hardware and multiple data sources immediately adds value to your security investments to enable an efficient risk management solution where all system features are maximised and visuals reported via a dashboard with full reporting suite.

Key Features:

Policy based exceptions reporting and real time alerting.

Intergration with existing CCTV systems for exception bases visual evidence

Simple, powerful video/data analytics for dashboard drill downs & reporting.

Modern and secure cloud platform for low cost, simple deployment.